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Kearsten LaBrozzi, from the Glendale Public Library, occasionally puts together Booktalks for us here at TLT. I’ve collected all the posts on Booktalking in one place for you.

The 411 On Booktalks
Booktalk It! Developing a Booktalk Program to Network with Schools
More on #3WordBooktalks at Teens Know Best

The Booktalks:
It’s the End of the World as We Know It
Teary Reads
Spy Stories
You’re Never Too Old for Picture Books
Would You Rather?
The Geek Edition
The Books of Summer 
Nontraditional Storytelling Formats

Additional Booktalk Resources
Booktalks Quick and Simple by Nancy Keane
Don’t forget to check out the works of Joni Richards Bodart, who graciously wrote a chapter in the forthcoming The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services for Heather Booth and myself. She has a wide collection of Booktalking titles that you can check out and use, they are an invaluable resource.


This week we thought we would have some fun and gave you a challenge:  Describe your favorite book in just 3 words.  It was harder than I thought it would be, but oh so much fun.  The challenge was delightful, as were your entries.  Here is a recap . . .