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Morgan’s Mumbles: Top 10 Anime, by Teen Contributor Morgan Randall

Here is a compilation of my top ten anime, that I would strongly recommend. These vary in genre and the reasons why I like them but I would love to tell you all about them!

Death Note

This is the first anime I watched all the way through so it holds a special place in my heart, it takes place in Japan where a Death Note falls to Earth and is found by Light Yagami one of the smartest kids in Japan. Light begins to discover the powers of the Death Note, as he begins to “cleanse” the world of evil. The story follows him, along with the detective forces trying to figure out who this mysterious killer is. I strongly recommend this if you enjoy shows that are darker, but also have really layered characters.

Soul Eater

This is probably my personal favorite, but it does have a unique style that can be off-putting to some. This story has a unique magic system as it follows pairs of students training at Death Weapon Meister Academy. These pairs include a Meister, someone who trains and wields a weapon, and a Weapon, a student who can transform into a weapon. It is the Meister’s goal to collect enough evil souls in order to have their Weapons become strong enough to become one of Death’s weapons. When, not just the DWMA but also, the world is being threatened it is up to the students and faculty to take things into their own hands.

Seven Deadly Sins

This anime is high fantasy and follows Princess Elizabeth as she tries to reunite an ex-group of Holy Knights titled “The Seven Deadly Sins”, who are wanted for their crimes. It follows her, and The Sins (as she finds them) and their adventures as they try to figure out what is happening in the Kingdom of Liones and discovering what is happening within the Holy Knights and their manipulation of the kingdom.

The Promised Neverland

I recently finished the first season, the second season is coming out in January and I am super excited about it! This show is dark too, however, it has its light moments. This show discusses the importance of family, as it follows a group of orphans who are trying to escape their “house” after discovering the dark truth of the home.

Blue Exorcist

This show follows a boy named Rin (and his brother Yukio) who recently discovered they are the sons of Satan, Rin inherited his father’s powers and is now trying to discover how to use them while also training to become the most powerful exorcist. It follows them and their classmates as they train and fight against demons, while training to become strong enough to take down Satan.

Death Parade

Death Parade is a rather short show that introduces some interesting characters and concepts. Most episodes are stand-alone but help with creating the world-building that is this place called “Quindecim Bar” where souls go after their death to determine the fate of their souls.

Hunter x Hunter

I am still in the process of watching this show, I recently finished the third arch and I love the levels of depth to the characters. The magic system is very unique and makes the world extremely immersive. The show follows Gon and his newfound friends, through their Hunter test and then on into their travels as they begin their new lives.

The K Project

This isn’t specifically just a show, it is broken into multiple parts. The first season: K, followed by the movie: K: Missing King, followed by season two: K: Missing Kings, and lastly K: Seven Stories. I am currently watching K: Missing King, and this show is one that I must admit was very off-putting at first. I was confused and unsure about what was going on, and honestly, I still am unsure about the limits of their magic system but I think that is what is interesting. The story changes and evolves, when they commit to something they stick to it and carry it throughout the story. It follows Yashiro, a young boy who was accused of murder, who is trying to clear his name to the kings and their clansmen.

The Devil is a Part-Timer

This show follows Satan who has been seeking to conquer Ente Isla, with his only major threat being the Hero Emilia. Satan, Alciel (one of his high-ranking demons), and Emilia all end up falling through a portal bringing them into the mortal world. It follows them trying to navigate the world.


I have only completed the first season of this show, and it is very unique as it follows Yumeko a new student at Hyakkaou Private Academy, a school where gambling determines status. It follows her and other students as they try to achieve higher ranks and discover their way around.

Morgan RandallTeen Contributor

Morgan recently graduated high school and is currently enrolled to attend college in the fall getting her BA in Theatre and Dance with an emphasis on Design and Technology. She loves theatre, writing, reading, and learning. But something that has always been important to her is being a voice for those who feel like they don’t have one, and being a catalyst for change in any way possible.

Here! Have Some Anime, by teen contributor Riley Jensen

I enjoy anime and often watch it with my friends. Here are some animes that I enjoy and want to watch that other teens may be interested in as well.

Ouran High School Host Club:

This anime is a lighthearted and playful anime. This is the kind of anime I watched after finishing a more dark anime just to get a few laughs. It follows the story of a girl who somehow ends up posing as a boy in a club where girls pay have guys flirt with them. It never failed to make me laugh.


This anime is really weird and kind of disturbing but I love it so much. It’s about a school where students earn their status by gambling and one day a new girl shows up and she begins to be targeted because of how well she gambles. There is a little bit of violence and some of the scenes are risque but the story is interesting.

Seven Deadly Sins:

This is one of the first animes I watched. I have yet to finish all of it because it is pretty long but I’ve watched a good chunk of it and it’s very fun. It’s a fantasy anime about the seven deadly sins going around a fighting basically. The story is extremely good and it has some of my favorite characters.

Blue Exorcist:

This is another anime that I have not finished but I really want to. This anime is about the devil’s son who goes around killing monsters because he’s not super excited about being related to Satan. Obviously there is violence in the anime because he kills monsters but there isn’t really anything risque. Also, it’s not too long. It’s only 25 episodes so it’s nice if you want something quick.

Madoka Magica:

I haven’t watched this anime but it’s the one that I want to watch next just because of how twisted I’ve heard it is. When looking at the cover picture and the characters it looks like a really cutesy anime about witches but if you go look at what people have said about it it’s far from that. Apparently this anime is extremely dark which makes it all the more interesting because I really don’t know how this seemingly cute anime could be so dark.

Also, all of these can be found on Netflix if you want to watch them along with many others. These are just some of the ones that I have watched or want to watch.

Take 5: 5 Awesome YouTube Videos from Geek Week 2013

I have owned my geekness for a while now. If you take a look at my office, I have Star Trek Spock next to a Dalek and a Firefly keychain. It definitely comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me. However, YouTube is celebrating *EVERYTHING* geeky this week with their GEEK WEEK 2013. I’ve pulled together 5 of my favorite clips from the offerings. Take a look after the break.

Today, Wednesday, is a celebration of all things “Super” on the YouTube Geek Week channel. They’re talking superheroes, supernatural, and more.  And Stan the Man (Stan Lee) is showing up.  These are some great things to share with your tweens and teens via your social media.  Or have a viewing party.  Or, better yet, put together your own Geek Con and have a geektacular party.  Want to host a con? See Geek out your library.  You can also look at these wondrous video moments and see if you can get your teens creating.

5 Spectacular Moments of Geeky Glory from YouTube Geek Week 2013

Knightmare TV Show Remake (which is taped in part on the set of the TARDIS from Doctor Who)

  [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74r-EbIqt9s?rel=0]

 Star Wars vs Star Trek Street Fight 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=poNEN3jJUqI?rel=0]

Giant RoboMech Meets Stan Lee

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3I5SPeBEjxg]

 Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nWjNgV_6yc?rel=0]

Anime Doctor Who

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TySLmj2ZWIo]

What awesome geekness have you found?