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Take 5: 5 Marathon-able Comic Movies and Some I’m Drooling For

HI, my name is Christie, I am a total geek, and I love everything comic and sci fi.
Hi, Christie.
So, the current bonanza of movies is particularly marvelous for me because I get to engage my habit of going to the movies (seriously draining my bank account, by the way, but it’s for the BLOG, so it should be a business expense, right?) and completely getting my geek on. If I could only find people around here who would DRESS UP (no one currently will) to go to the now 10:30 releases, my life would be complete.
Well, that and share my love for movies with teens, but that is what teen programs are for, right? My teens seem to enjoy that I get excited over movies and comic trivia, that I can talk with them on end on the movies coming out (we’re all SERIOUSLY debating how AH-NOLD is going to be the Terminator and WHY they’re splitting Mockingjay into two movies). So, in keeping with sharing the love for comics this week, I give you my Top 5 favorite  marathon watching (put it on repeat over and over and over again) comic based movies (so far) and some of the ones I’m looking forward to….

I am an ADDICT of Tim Burton. I love pretty much everything he’s ever done (we won’t talk about the Planet of the Apes thing) and I really liked his duology of Batman movies. Especially with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.


Extremely loosely based on the comic, but still amazingly awesome that I quote it often, I love Mystery Men. You have these super-zeros with weird powers (if they are powers) and they save the city. How often does that happen.

I liked Iron Man, but I have a hard time going through the war and torture scenes when he’s imprisoned, and Tony is a complete ass in that one. I mourn the loss of Terrence Howard as Rhody, because he would have been an excellent Iron Patriot, but I think that Iron Man 2 is much better than Iron Man. We also start to see the building of the network that is S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Coulson’s famous words:

Scott Pilgrim is where I got introduced to Michael Cera, and now I cannot unsee him as Scott. Probably bad, I know, but then again, he faced off SUPERMAN (Evil Ex #3) and Captain America/Human Torch (Evil Ex #4). And really, Wallace makes the entire movie.

Thor technically was a bust in the Marvel cannon, did you know that? Not as bad as Ang Lee’s Hulk, but people didn’t like the fact that the language was “old” and the way they were telling the story was “old” and everything was “ancient”. Um, get over it people. It was beautiful, and spellbinding, and an epic. Plus, no Thor gets you no Avengers or the rest of the movies. Go see if you can find the glove and the rest of the gems that are rumored to be part of the plot for the upcoming cannons.

So what am I looking forward to this year?
This one That Guy won’t go with me (too much violence/horror) so the teens have graciously volunteered to take me for my birthday. I’m excited about it; anything is better than the one that laid eggs, literally and figuratively.

I want to see how they’re going to pool it all together. I know the controversy regarding everything, I know that they’re probably only going to have cameos from the ‘future’ cast, but I really want to go see it. And I have a little crush on some of the cast members. However, the fact that X-Men has a Quicksilver and Avengers 2 has a Quicksilver, and they aren’t the SAME Quicksilver is going to play with my head. A LOT.

This I am seeing MULTIPLE times, and no one can stop me. Summer reading will be OVER, and I may LIVE in the movie theater. I want to see how they do it, and how they put it all together, and how they PULL everything together. 
I have Hooked on a Feeling as my ringtone.

This one hasn’t been on anyone’s radar that I know of, but I want to see where it goes. Called Big Hero 6, it’s a mashup of Disney and Marvel (Marvel owns Big Hero 6, while Disney is doing the animation), and while there is right now is a teaser trailer, I want to see how it goes….

What are you excited for? Share in the comments!

Reel Thoughts: Thor The Dark World (Spoilers)

Thor: Marvel
So, I’ve been thinking long about Thor: The Dark World. I went to see it twice- once with Karen and the Tween, and then again with That Guy and my teen volunteers. 
 And both times I LOVED it, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought- it’s not THOR’S tale. It’s like how Ferris Bueller’s Day Off isn’t Ferris’ story, it’s CAMERON’S story- Cameron is the one who starts off all anxious and worried, but by the end of the movie, he’s confident in himself, and willing to take the hit for the car. 

Now There Be Spoilers

It’s the same with Thor: The Dark World. The story isn’t Thor’s- we had that in the first one where he went from giant kegger frat boy to actual justice warrior. It isn’t Jane’s story (although I’d actually like a nice Marvel One-Shot about Jane and Darcy and what they did in between the Thor movies, because Darcy rubbed of on Jane quite a bit from the first to the second movie).

It’s a cross between The Empire Strikes Back and LOKI’S story.

Stay with me for a bit.

When people think of Star Wars (and we’re not going to talk about the “prequel” mess), they either talk about A New Hope or Return of the Jedi because those were THE movies. A New Hope gave you ALL the characters and all the story, and wrapped everything up neatly, while Return of the Jedi gave you the the plot and the darkness and the background. No one says that their favorite was The Empire Strikes Back, because all of that movie was setting the bridge between A New Hope and Return of the Jedi.

That’s part of what Thor: A Dark World is doing. Think about it. They had to start telling the story of the Infinity Gems (what this Marvel Universe is calling them) because it’s going to be a HUGE point in Guardians of the Galaxy and possibly either Avengers 2 or Avengers 3. We KNOW it’s part of Guardians of the Galaxy because The Collector is listed in the cast.   His best known role in the Marvel pantheon is with the Infinity Gems, and geek upon geekiest, Marvel frakking smacks at it in Thor. So we’re BUILDING UP TO having the Infinity Gems. So, Empire Strikes Back.


Dark World is also LOKI’S story. Think about it. We end the first Thor with Loki learning the truth about his parentage, and dealing with the fact that Odin has always loved Thor better- and he basically suicides rather than live in Thor’s shadow. In The Avengers, he’s joined forced to use the Tesseract to take over Earth as his own planet, but is thrashed. 

 So in A Dark World, Loki comes back to his adoptive homeworld in chains, disgraced by his “brother” and his “father”, but still loved by his mother. She DIES after he fights with her, and HE is the cause of her destruction- and HE knows it. Yet he still blames Thor because he should have saved her somehow. Yet, Loki joins with Thor to get Jane out of Asgard, and fights with him against the Dark Elves. Why? TO FAKE HIS DEATH.

Doctor Who: BBC


WHY? To TAKE OVER ASGARD. That’s the last we see of Loki in the movie- sitting on the Throne, like he wanted, and King of Asgard because Thor has given up his claim. Is that the end of Loki? The end of his story? He ends up King and lives happy ever after? Does this smile give you that?
Depends on what Marvel has up their sleeves- but with such a character as Loki, and such a huge actor that they’ve made Tom Hiddleston, I sincerely doubt it. I don’t think he’ll come back in Avengers 2, but I can definitely see him in Avengers 3.
So really, Thor The Dark World isn’t about Thor at all. After all, he ends up on Earth a househusband (actually, I bet Avengers 2 happens pretty close after the ending of this movie- we already took away his alias in the first Thor, and he doesn’t have the medical knowledge that his alter character did in the comics). It’s about Loki, and setting things up for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers.
But oh, what a wonderful ride.

Reel Thoughts: The Wolverine (movie review by Christie G.)

I am a comic book geek, and I am addicted to movie adaptations (for good or ill) of comic book series. I have seen the good (X-Men: First Class, Marvel’s Adventures) and the bad (Green Lantern, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), and even though I was a little nervous about taking my teens to go see The Wolverine, I figured that if it was as bad as the previous one, at least we could mock it…

To my great surprise it was actually really good. It’s placed timeline-wise after X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) when Logan (Wovervine) has destroyed Jean/ Phoenix, and is struggling with both her death and what his life has become. He is found in the Canadian outback by Yukio, an assistant to a Japanese soldier Logan saved from a nuclear blast during World War II.  Now the soldier wants to return the favor:  to save Logan’s life by taking his immortality.

Anyone who’s watched the Wolverine animated series on G4 (soon to be the Esquire channel), or read the 1982 limited comic series written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, will be familiar with the story line and how most of the movie goes. The violence is similar to other X-Men movies, but to me didn’t seem nearly as realistic or jarring as the terrorism scenes in Iron Man 3. 

My teens and I really enjoyed it.  It’s definitely one that I will add to our library collection and would love to show at the library, if Disney ever gets the rights back from Fox for the X-Men properties.

For weird/awesome things that can possibly spoil the movie, follow the break!


DC hasn’t done this for some of their movies, and sometimes Fox hasn’t done it for their comic creations either, but this time they are taking a page from the rest of their Marvel brethren and adding in a teaser for where the franchise is going. On the bright side, it’s only one, not the three different endings that came out during the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine; but on the semi-negative side where it’s placed depends on what *type* of movie you see. We saw it in 3-D so it was pretty close after the listing of the cast (at the transition from the 3-D credits to the 2-D credits), but I’ve seen online that if you see the movie in 2-D that it’s shown after *all* of the credits.

It’s not any surprise to anyone who has paid attention to the news that came out from Comic Con, but it’s fun to see anyway, and gets you excited for what’s coming next. I’m interested to see how they’re going to mesh everything together in X-Men: Days of Future Past with the “old” and “new” cast, and I am super excited about the Sentinels


There were some flaws in editing that we noticed that shouldn’t have happened in a film this size- it’s like getting a misprinted book. If you haven’t seen it yet and are interested, go take a look and see if you catch it.

Taking things off twice

There’s a scene with Viper/the doctor in which she’s taking off her gloves, and they cut it weirdly- she ends up taking her gloves off twice…


There’s a scene with Logan and Mariko (the granddaughter) where they are eating and discussing important plot points. (Here’s where action people are all like, NOOOOOOOOOOOO, discussion?!?!  Need more fighting!!!!) Near the beginning of the scene she takes his upright chopsticks out of his food and sets them to the side; at the end of the scene she again takes the upright chopsticks out of the food and sets them to the side. Now, Logan might have put them back in the food as a rebellion move, but you (the viewer) never see him to it…


I really like to know *where* characters come from, and their back story. I want it in my books, and I want it in my movies. Marvel has won me over with what they’ve been doing with the Avengers and the whole series surrounding all of it because of how they’re building that world. The newest Batman movies build that world and sold me, too. I’m not so sure about some of the characters in The Wolverine; my teens were fine during the movie with the characters just appearing out of nowhere, but as we were driving back were asking me or using their phones to search for more information.

Viper- The good doctor really doesn’t follow any of the established storylines. Depending on which one you follow, she’s either part of Hydra, or a master assassin, or something else entirely. The problem is, she’s not really established in the movie. The immunity to poisons is cool, and the biotech smarts is awesome (yea girls with science) but the shedding skin thing at the end just didn’t work quite right.  What’s with the blonde hair then going bald but with perfect makeup?  That’s totally inconsistent with all the variations.

Silver Samurai– They have this huge, awesome silver samurai suit, and this huge, wonderful backstory. The movie publicists build up an epic battle with Wolverine and Silver Samurai- and there is, because this is what everything has been building up to (even though two of my teens guessed who was in the suit) and the whole point of the movie. Yet, it’s really like the Batwing from the original Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson:  tons of money, and a one-off.

Still Really Good

None of this detracts from this being a really good movie. It definitely made my inner comic geek happy, and it gave my teens a really good buzz. I adored the soundtrack music, and they fact that they really kept it in the Japanese flavors. I would love to do a marathon before the release of Days of Future Past but as of right now none of the movies are covered by our public performance license. I shall have to geek out at my house beforehand.