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Friday Fill-Ins: Introduce New Teens to This Older Book – Now!

Yesterday, we talked about the Printz Honor Award Winner Stuck in Neutral by Terry Trueman.  It won this honor in 2001, more than 10 years ago.  And in my post I mentioned that this is one of the “classic” teen titles that we need to be re-introducing to our new teen patrons.

So here’s your chance, today’s Friday Fill-Ins is an opportunity for you to share a “classic” teen title that you think we need to make sure and re-introduce new teen readers to.  You know the drill, fill in the blanks in the comments.  Be sure to check out our “Why YA?” posts for some other classics that many authors and teen librarians have felt were worth sharing.  And don’t forget, you can write your own Why YA? post and share it at TLT if you would like.

A classic teen title that we need to make sure and introduce to our new teen readers is ________________________________ by ____________________________.
Out of curiosity, does your classic read appear on the NPR Top 100 Teen Books list?

Friday Fill-Ins: The Unexpected Gems

We all waited breathlessly for Timepiece by Myra McEntire and other big titles like Insurgent, but sometimes a title comes quietly sneaking up and just blows you away.  Today I share with you one of my unexpected gems, Guitar Notes by Mary Amato.  And the unexpected gem is also the subject of this week’s Friday Fill-Ins.  You know how it goes, fill in the blanks in the comments.

I read __________________________ by _________________________ and it turned out to be such an unexpected gem. Read it!

Friday Fill-Ins: My last summer read

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but summer is coming to an end soon.  The school supplies are out in the stores.  I know, I didn’t want to see them either.  So here’s today’s Friday Fill-In.

Given that summer reading is drawing to a close, the ONE book I want to make sure I read before it is back to school time again is ________________________ by ___________________.

Friday Fill-Ins: Dealing with the Issues

Since today we are talking with author Kimberly Purcell about her book on human trafficking, Trafficked, our Friday Fill-Ins is all about the issues.  Teen fiction dealing with issues is a tried and true tradition.  So tell us, what is your favorite issues book?

My favorite book dealing with a teen issue is _______________________ by _______________________. 
It deals with the topic of _________________.
Fill in the blanks in the comments.

Friday Fill-Ins: Once upon a time . . . fairy tales retold

Yesterday I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  It was the second retelling of Snow White I have seen this year as I also went and saw Mirror Mirror.  And many of us spent Sunday nights waiting to see which fairy tale they would incorporate into Once Upon a Time, the hit television show.  From Robin McKinely to Alex Flinn, fairy tale stories get told and retold time and time again. 
If you follow on Facebook or Twitter you know that we do a weekly featured called Friday Fill-Ins.  This is usually a discussion feature where you are asked to fill in the blanks.
So today for fun I thought we would do a fun little contest involving classic children’s stories.  Below are 10 pictograms.  See if you can identify the children’s classic it depicts. 
Then complete this Friday Fill-In:
My favorite fairy tale retelling is ______________________ by _________________________. 
Fill in the blanks in the comments.

These images were made on my iPhone using my camera and Diptic.  Feel free to download them and share as a fun contest with your teens (or staff).  Or use it as an example of a way you can create fun contests of your own.