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MG Book Review: Frosting and Friendship by Lisa Schroeder (reviewed by Tween reviewer Ceci)

A review of Frosting and Friendship by Lisa Schroeder from tween reviewer Ceci

But first how I got an advanced reader copy of this book.
My class had an assignment to write a letter to a famous person. I chose Lisa Schroeder because I loved her books, It’s Raining Cupcakes and Sprinkles and Secrets. I GOT A LETTER BACK!!!!! Lisa Schroeder wrote back to me! That was REALLY exciting, the letter came to my school. Then I started to review books for TLT and asked my Auntie Karen if she could get an ARC from Lisa Schroeder and she could! A few days after talking to her a package came to my house with a ARC of Frosting and Friendship, a letter, and bookmarks to share with my friends! OH MY GOSH! I can’t even tell you how excited I was. I screamed, I was sooooooooo happy!(Karen’s note: She did scream. They sent video footage. It was awesome that Lisa helped me make this moment happen for Ceci.)

Well here’s the review! You’ll have to wait until September to read the book though!

This book is about a girl named Lily who makes too many plans. Yikes! She joins a club called the Baking Book Worms. But Lily doesn’t know how to cook. And the club has a rule: bake the snacks, don’t buy. 

Then Isabel, one of Lily’s friends, wants to plan a surprise party for Sophie who is turning 13. YAY! But she is already in a band with Zola and Abigail trying out for the spring fling against other bands. And she is trying to learn how to cook! But she says YES!

Everyone is in way over their heads.

Read the book, in September, to find out what happens next. Also read It’s Raining Cupcakes and Sprinkles and Secrets.

Love and Peace

Goodreads Synopsis for Frosting and Friendship: Has Lily bitten off more than she can bake? A sweet treat from the author of It’s Raining Cupcakes and Sprinkles and Secrets.

On a scale of zero to ten, twelve-year-old Lily Hubbard is a zero when it comes to baking. Her cookies turn out salty, her cakes tend to lean, and things are always overcooked.

When Lily is invited to be a part of a mother-daughter book club called The Baking Bookworms, she is excited—and terrified. It seems like she’s the only one who didn’t inherit the baking gene.

But she does have the music gene, which is why she’s forming a band that will audition for their school’s annual Spring Fling. If, that is, Lily can balance her priorities. Because Isabel, one of the Baking Bookworms, has asked Lily to help plan a surprise party for their mutual friend Sophie. And the task is…creating a showstopping, mouthwatering, thirteenth-birthday-party-worthy dessert. Uh. Oh.

Soon, Lily finds herself knee-deep in sugar and sheet music as she tries to juggle her responsibility to her bandmates AND give her friend the best party ever.

Aladinn, 2013. ISBN: 9781442473967