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Take 5: Vampire Books with Bite

There are no shortage of YA Vampire books, many of them extremely popular.  So here are 5 that are not wildly popular that I think should be – and as an added bonus, there are no sparkling vampires.

Peeps by Scott Westerfeld
This book rocks! In this universe, vampirism is a disease.  And every other chapter is a look at a real parasite in the world of biology.  So you read a great vampire story AND you learn some freaky facts about science.  I wouldn’t eat while you are reading it, but I would read it.

Jessica’s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
You know that wicked hot guy that you keep staring down at the bus stop? He’s a vampire.  And – more importantly – you were sworn to be his bride way back when you were a wee little tot.  Surprise!

“Lucius paused, turning on his heel to face me. “I grow weary of your ignorance.” He moved closer to me, leaning down and peering into my eyes. “Because your parents refuse to inform you, I will deliver the news myself,and I shall make this simple for you.” He pointed to his chest and announced, as though talking to a child, “I am a vampire.” He pointed to my chest. “You are a vampire. And we are to be married, the moment you come of age. This has been decreed since our births.”

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer
Eighth Grade Bites, Ninth Grade Slays, Tenth Grade Bleeds, Eleventh Grade Burns, Twelfth Grade Kills
Half vampire, Vlad struggles with his blood lust urges – and the daily tribulations of life in middle school and high school.  I have a group of kids that come into the library that think this series is the best thing since sliced bread.  Eighth Grade Bites was a 2008 Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers.  There is a companion series called The Slayer Chronicles.

“Whoever had decided that school should start so early in the morning and last all day long needed to be hunted down and forced to watch hours of educational television without the aid of caffeine.”
Heather Brewer, Eighth Grade Bites

Sweetblood by Pete Hautman
Once a straight A student, Lucy now finds her life falling completely apart.  She also fears she may be turning into a vampire.  In the end, Hautman has written a very interesting look at the life of a girl with uncontrolled diabetes. Read Pete Hautman’s essay on how he came to write Sweetblood here.  For the record, this is not technically a vampire book.

Thirsty by M. T. Anderson

“People talk about the beauty of the spring, but I can’t see it. The trees are brown and bare, slimy with rain. Some are crawling with new purple hairs. And the buds are bulging like tumorous acne, and I can tell that something wet, and soft, and cold, and misshapen is about to be born.

And I am turning into a vampire.”

For a really great, comprehensive booklist of vampire titles and some discussion about the appeal of the vampire, check out They Suck, They Bite, They Eat, They Kill by Dr. Joni Richards Bodart.
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