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Take 5: Authors Crossing the Boundaries Between Teen and Adult

I am a huge reader, and when I need a break from things, I can be found in a book. I don’t limit myself to teen books (much, I think, to Karen’s consternation) and can be found reading a lot of paranormal and urban fantasy. What I have found interesting is that a lot of authors seem to be floating back and forth across that teen and adult boundary- and not the “new adult” boundary either. I have 5 of my favorite authors that write both for adults and teens, and they write the perfect books for October. Maybe a little magic, maybe a little otherworldly, but definitely a lot of fun.


Darynda Jones writes the bestselling Charley Davidson series for adults: Charley is a part-time investigator and a full time grim reaper, and ghosts have been her constant companion. Trying to convince them to “go through the light”, however, is easier said than done, especially when they want revenge. Complicating the plot is Reyes, who’s character develops more complications as the series moves on. Her most recent adult book is Fifth Grave Past the Light.

When she puts on her young adult hat, she’s writing the Darklight series, where Lorelei holds the fate of the world on her shoulders- literally. She is the key to something she’s just beginning to discover, and that is putting all of her family and friends in danger, not to mention the angel of Death who’s come to protect her. 

Kelley Armstrong has been a force in paranormal romance with her Women of the Otherworld series, creating strong, sexy and confident female characters with a little extra power to throw at their troubles. Her teen series, The Darkness Rising and The Darkest Powers) showcase her writing with less of the sexy so that teens are given all the twists and turns and thrills that has made Armstrong’s career.

Kim Harrison is known for creating The Hollows series, with feisty witch Rachel Morgan, vampire Ivy, and pixy Jinx in their own detective agency taken on runs in a world where the paranormal lives among humans. With graphic novels telling the prequel stories, and books continue the series, Harrison’s world continues to grow. Yet she took the time to write the story of  Madison Avery, a sixteen-year-old who is destined to be the dark reaper, and killed before her time was up. Wandering without her body, Madison is determined to figure out who killed her, and then fix a system where human choice actually makes a difference.

Melissa de la Cruz is the only author we’re focusing on that went the OTHER way- teen first and THEN adult. First published with her Blue BLoods series for teens and telling the tales of the TRUE upper crust of New York- the elite vampires, and the threats that await them, and then with the Au Pairs trilogy, Melissa de la Cruz then broke into the adult world with The Witches of East End series (also listed sometimes as the Beachamp Family series). You can see the television version of The Witches of East End on Lifetime (check your local listings)- I’m watching it and having a fun time. She is also launching a new YA series, Frozen, soon, so definitely keep an eye out!

Sherrilyn Kenyon created the Dark Hunter universe, which expands from Dark Hunters (dead warriors come back to life in the service of Artemis to take out demons and vampires, but can reclaim their souls through finding their true love- if their love can keep hold of their soul through the reclaiming) to Dream Hunter (warriors fighting in dreams) to Were-Hunters (you can fill in the blanks on that one, right?). All of them are fighting the good fight, and all are missing their true soul mate at the beginning at the book, and might find it at the end, yet there are huge arcs throughout the books to connect the stories together. And if all of THAT wasn’t enough to keep together and keep straight, Kenyon started The Chronicles of Nick, the teen adventures of a character in the Dark Hunter universe that plays an intricate part throughout most of the adult series. And Nick isn’t your ordinary teenager- learning to slay zombies and raise the dead, hunting vampires and shapeshifters isn’t on the normal high school curricula. 

So those are five of my favorite adult authors that write teen books. Do you have any? Share in the comments!

Coming Soon: a Taste and Tease

I was the only one of the TLT’ers to be able to go to ALA Midwinter, and I shared a lot of other bloggers’ frustrations with the ARC drops as I was wearing multiple hats- not only was I going as a rep for Teen Librarian Toolbox (so much so that I made That Guy tell SoHo and Zest Books that he was Karen, much to their hysteria) but I was also running the Rainbow Project meetings. So I missed out on some ARCs that I *really* wanted (*cough* The S-Word *cough*) but hopefully the reps will send them when they do get back to their offices.  And three books that I’ve been on the edge of my seat to read (Doctorow’s Homeland, Meyer’s Scarlet, and Lu’s Prodigy are either out or coming out next week.  BUT, I do have a top 6 of the ARCs that I am SUPER excited about that I thought I’d share with y’all…

ARC available on Netgalley, on sale August

On Sale June 2013, haven’t seen it *yet* on Netgalley or Edleweiss

On sale June 2013, egalley on Edleweiss

On sale February 19, short stories by Kami Garcia, Nancy Holder, Margaret Sthol, Melissa Marr, and more

on sale May 2103, back cover says there will be a  *keynote and signing at Texas Library Association Conference*

On sale June 2013, says there’s an ebook prequel promotion as well

Were you at Midwinter in Seattle?  What did you pick up and what are you excited to see coming out this spring/summer?  Share in the comments!