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Instagram Book Spine Poetry Mini Contest with The Library as Incubator Project

April is epically awesome for many things, but one of my favorites is the fact that it is National Poetry Month. I have journals full of my probably horrific and definitely embarrassing poems that I began writing in the early teen years but continue to write today. But there is a quick, easy and – most importantly – fun way you can do poetry using books! Grab a stack of books and use the titles on the spine to write some Book Spine Poetry.

In collaboration with The Library as Incubator Project, we’ll be running a contest on Instagram and Twitter for 10 days starting April 21.  We want to see your best Book Spine Poems!  But you have to use #bkspinepoem to be in the running for the fabulous book prize(s)!

What: Book Spine Poem Mini Contest
When: April 21 to the end of the month
Where: Instagram & Twitter
Why: Because ART
How: #bkspinepoem

For librarians: This is an easy program that you can throw together.  Just get your teens to gather in the library, explain the idea, and let them loose!  Get them to collaborate with one another in making their poems.  It’s easy to get stuck on how you think your poem should go, rather than working with the titles you have.  Talk about the parts of a sentence you might need (books that act as verbs are crucial!).  Have them Instagram or tweet their poems, then tell them to mix and match their poems!  What’s the longest poem they can create?  The most complete sentence?  The most haunting/beautiful/lyrical/etc?  Let them go wild!  And of course, you can always make it a drop-in passive program with just a simple sign for explanation.

Have fun and create some awesome poetry!

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This contest announcement was written by the awesome people at The Library as Incubator Project, which I highly recommend you check out. Also, if you are interested, I did post some of my poems here in a mini-collection called Life’s Bilest Moments; this is a collection of poems I wrote about my experience with a pregnancy disease called Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

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