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This or That? With author Louise Rozett

Confessions of an Angry Girl
I get asked all the time if Rose—the main character in Confessions of an Angry Girl, and the upcoming Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend—is actually me. I think authors who write in first person get asked that a lot, which makes sense. So today, Rose and I are going to play a round of “This or That,” and we’ll let you decide if we’re the same person. Tracy, Rose’s best friend, will be our moderator.
All right, girls, let’s start with…chocolate or vanilla?
Louise: Chocolate, hands down. Absolutely no question. I have chocolate pretty much every day of my life. I drink hot chocolate the way other people drink coffee.
Rose: Yeah, I like chocolate, too. I’m not obsessed with it like you are, but I’ll always order chocolate over vanilla.
Cake or ice cream?
Louise: Cake! Yellow cake with brown frosting.
Rose: Ice cream. Unless it’s one of my mom’s birthday cakes. She makes totally insane birthday cakes.
I know. Those cakes are killer. Okay, how about guys? Edward or Jacob?
Louise: Neither. I think Bella is cooler than both those guys.
Rose: I agree. Totally.
Chris or Liam?
Louise: Chris Pine?
Rose: Hemsworth. The Hemsworth brothers.
Louise: Oh, right. Chris. He’s the older one right?
Rose: (rolling her eyes) Liam. He’s cuter, even if Chris is the better actor.
Peeta or Gale?
Louise: Gale.
Rose: What? That’s crazy. Peeta’s the one who helped her.
Louise: But Gale’s the one—
Moving on! Some random questions now. Facebook or Twitter?
Louise: Twitter. I like the challenge of 140 characters.
Rose: Tumblr.
Louise: That wasn’t one of the choices.
Rose: You started it with that Bella thing.
Confessions of an Almost-Girlfriend

 Girls, girls, girls. Play nice. iPhone or Droid?
Louise: iPhone.
Rose: Yeah, Droids seem kind of lame.
McKinley or NYADA?
Louise: What?
Rose: McKinley.
Louise: Wait—
Rodarte or Stella?
Louise: Sorry?
Rose: Come on, Trace—
Okay, okay—sorry. But it wouldn’t kill you two to learn something about fashion. Anna Sophia Robb or SJP?
Louise: SJP.
Rose: Anna Sophia Robb. Her hair is crazy. Do you know what I’d have to do to get my hair to look like that?
Louise: Buy a wig?
Ooh, ouch.  Nice one, Louise!
Rose: What are you, ganging up on me now?
Louise: I only said that because that’s exactly what I’d have to do. Sorry, Rose—I guess I gave you my hair.
Okay, okay, ready? Here’s the big finale. Jamie or Robert?

Louise: I’m not touching that one.
Rose: I’m gonna pretend you didn’t ask that…

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Louise Rozett is author of The Confession series published by Harlequin Teen.  You can visit her official website here.

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