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TPiB: Bookish Nails

The other day, the above Tweet from Bloomsbury came through my Twitter feed and it inspired an a-ha moment in me! At some point every day, The Tween will show me some cool new design she has seen on her Instagram. And my Tumblr has suddenly become full of book related manicures. Which got me thinking – a Bookish Nails type program would be an awesome idea.

You could have a book discussion group that met each month and did your nails while you talked about the book. Or, if you fear the wrath of an overturned nail polish bottle, you could do something fun like an Instagram Bookish Nails contest. Just have Tweens and/or Teens upload a pic of their book themed mani with a hashtag of your choosing. Perhaps a local nail shop would donate a mani/pedi as a prize.

Or you could have a larger Spa Day at your library and have bookish nails be a part of the process. Then you can also do a variety of things like make your own salt scrubs, mail your own lip gloss and more.

Whatever you decide to do, definitely keep an eye out for all the book themed nails out there because they are fun to share on social media with your teens. If nothing else, they can be inspiration. I will say, however, beware the evil marbled nails technique floating out there. We have tried it three times and it has resulted in a big Pinterest fail for us.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ag4XoCAnUkQ]

And in case I haven’t mentioned it, my Tweens are obsessed with the Do It, Gurl Youtube channel for all their DIY needs. And they are also great for sharing via your social media.

Here are 6 sources of inspiration for some Bookish Nails . . .

Comic Book Nails
Great for GN and comic book lovers, here’s a tutorial on making comic book inspired nails.

Msnail Decor Channel
This Youtbue channel is all about manicures. Not specifically book related, but tons of vids with great ideas and techniques.

Book Riot: 15 Awesome Young Adult Book Inspired Manicures
The folks over at Book Riot have put together 15 of their favorite YA inspired manicures for you.

Pinterest: Book Inspired Nails
Pinterest doing what Pinterest does best, here are tons of ideas for you.

Novels and Nail Polish
A blog dedicated to books and manicures, another great source of inspiration.

The Twins Read Nails on Instagram
Nicole’s Nails has a lot of great YA inspired manicures. Definitely check them out.

What are your favorite resources? What have been your favorite book inspired nail art moments? Please do share in the comments.