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Book Chat: Diversity in LEGEND by Marie Lu, with guest host author David James

Christie, Stephanie and I work at libraries with a lot of diversity – at least in our patrons.  I don’t know about you, but we find it hard to find a lot of good, quality books that showcase diverse MG and YA teens without being overly stereotypical.  It’s a conversation we have a lot actually, here are some of our posts.

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So the other day author David James posted THIS essay about diversity in the Legend series by Marie Lu: On Multiculturalism and Diversity in Marie Lu’s Legend and Diversity.

So, here’s what we are going to do.  In March, please read Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu.  Then join us on Wednesday, March 27th for an online Twitter Chat with David James as we have our monthly book club and talk Legend and diversity.  Online chat Wedesday, March 27th at 8 PM Central time.

Bio: David James writes books about stars and kisses and curses. He is the author of the YA novel, LIGHT OF THE MOON, the first book in the Legend of the Dreamer series. A novella for the series, THE WARRIOR’S CODE, as well as the sequel, SHADOW OF THE SUN, will be released in 2013. Living in Michigan, he is addicted to coffee, gummy things, and sarcastic comments. He enjoys bad movies and shivery nights, but doesn’t really like writing bios about himself in the third person. Be sure to visit David’s facebook and twitter to learn more about his various addictions and novels.