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So You Wanna Be a Superstar? The Book, The Event, The Giveaway

Kids who love the arts often hang out in our libraries.  Chances are when you attend the school musical, you know half the kids on stage and wonder why you have never met the other half.

How can you serve the superstar aspirations of those kids?  Could the library be more than a repository of the scripts and monologue books come audition time? 


There is a new Event Kit connected with the YA book So You Wanna Be a Superstar? The Ultimate Audition Guide (Running Press Kids) that could help you do so. Read more to learn how you can enter to WIN SIGNED COPIES OF SO YOU WANNA BE A SUPERSTAR!

Author Ted Michael is a bit of a superstar himself.  A NYC literary agent, teen author, and performer in off-Broadway productions, he used his long friendships with Broadway stars and instructors like Lea Salonga,  Nic Cory, Mara Jill Herman, and others to build his advice book for young performers.

2013 YALSA Popular Paperback nominee

2013 YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers nominee

“….is no amateurishly written instructional manual … Michael outlines a proactive approach to success, acknowledging that disappointment may be part of the process, but gives readers insight on every available tool they may equip themselves with to increase their chances of breaking into the biz”—Booklist


Whether your talented patrons are planning to try out  for the musical, glee club, chorus, or the local teen idol they need audition skills.  The Event Kit walks you through how to use local theater and music luminaries to hold a panel discussion about auditions and how those luminaries can improve your patrons’ audition songs or monologues by giving advice to each. 

This event can be held prior to a specific casting call and be focused on that particular show or can be held anytime throughout the year to improve superstar skills.

The Event Kit includes:

– Poster

– Marketing copy to announce the event

– Suggestions on how to invite local theater/music luminaries

– Panel questions

– Audition sign-up form

– Permission letter copy

– Audition schedule/rating sheet for the panelists

– Activity sheet for matching composer and lyricist to musical

– Superstar advice cards from Broadway stars to hand out to attendees

– Opportunity to get free signed book for the “most promising audition”



Author Ted Michael is giving away 15 signed copies of So You Wanna Be a Superstar? The Ultimate Audition Guide by 1/11/13.  Enter to win HERE


Kirsten Cappy is the owner of Curious City, a children’s book marketing firm that builds reader engagement projects for authors, illustrators, and publishers believing that supporting educators, librarians, and other heroes of literacy with free tools and connections is just, simply best practice.  Curious City hosts free reader engagement projects at www.CuriousCityDPW.com.
Karen’s Note: I used one of Kristen Cappy’s Curious City events (a tie-in with the book Reunion) this year as part of my Teen Summer Reading Club.  It was nice having all the work done for me and they were very easy to work with.  This is the ultimate Teen Program in a Box, highly recommended.