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TPIB: Turn your Instagram pics into Photobooth bookmarks

You can take any 4 Instagram pictures (or Hipstamatic pictures) and turn them into a bookmark craft with your teens.  Technically, you can do it with any photos as long as you get the measurements right – but Instagram/Hipstamatic are kind enough to have frames built in. 

Think of the things you can do here!

TAB/TAG bookmarks
Teen volunteers in action
Program bookmarks (which you can also import into publicity posters)
Graduation gifts
Mother’s/Father’s Day Gifts
BFF gifts
“Get Caught Reading” bookmarks
You get the idea.

Put some cool facts on the back and you have a great publicity piece.

So, let’s get started . . .

Make sure you have the pictures you want downloaded.

Open your Microsoft Publisher program and import your 4 pictures.

Make sure they are all the same size by right clicking on each picture.  Choose “format picture” and click on the size tab.  You can put 4 pictures at 2.50 and they will fit on a regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper.  Make sure you keep your aspect ratio locked.

Next you want to make sure everything is aligned. Stacking the 4 pictures involves a certain amount of just eyeballing it.  Using pictures with white frames this doesn’t matter, but if you use black framed pictures you’ll want to make sure the top edge of each picture cleanly connects with the bottom edge of the picture on top of it in the stack.  Aligning the outside edges is easy, you just use the align tool provided by Publisher.  Simply select all your images and center align.
If you simply want to print, laminate and decorate – you can do that now.  However, I prefer to save my images as .jpegs in case I want to import them into something at another time.  So here, I would select all my images and group them together and then save them as a new image.  This is also helpful in case I need to trim some outside edges anywhere.  If you think you will want to use the bookmark in a future promotional piece or share it via your social media sites, you’ll want to save it as an image.
To complete the bookmarkification (yep, not a word), simply laminate.  Or you can do the poor man’s lamination process and cover both sides in clear contact paper.  Then punch a hole, add some string and beads to the top if you would like. And – viola’.  You have personalized bookmarks.  Note, you can do it in horizontal form, too.

There are some cool Photobooth apps that will turn your smart phone into a photobooth.  But this is a great way to turn all your random pics the same type of piece that you can do something with.