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Casting Call- Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer and Cress GIVEAWAY

Please note: the winner of the Cress ARC Giveaway (random drawing) is KIKID (Kierra D) and her book is in the mail.  Thank you all for reading our blog and playing our casting call game.  We enjoyed hearing your thoughts.  This book series if VERY popular it turns out.  Keep watching for more giveaways.

I am completely in love with this series. I tore through Cinder and went through Scarlet like CRAZY, and was one of those weirdos at ALA Annual who stood in line to get a copy of Cress, even though it does not come out for over 100 days. And, That Guy was sweet enough to stand with me, so I have TWO- one for me to drool over and one to give away!
Want it? Here’s what we want you to do. I’ve put together who I think would be awesome to play the main characters (so far- so spoilers with Cress, that wouldn’t be fair) and placed their pictures below the break (age is no barrier- didn’t take it into consideration). In the comments below, share YOUR casting picks for the Main Characters…. (Note: All casting is part of my own head and reading, not anyone else’s)

Please note: we need your casting ideas by Sunday, September 20th to be entered to win the Cress ARC.



Prince Kai

Dr. Eckland

Lunar Queen



Captain Thorpe