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November is Science Fiction Month

November is Sci Fi Month.  Here is a look at all of our Science Fiction (in any way imaginable) related book lists.  Also, be sure to join us the week of November 17 – 22 for Doctor Who Week.  We’ll have a variety of guest posts – several a day – where we talk about our favorite Doctor.

Aliens: They’re Here: Science Fiction with actual aliens

Apocalypse Survival Tips from YA Lit

Assasins: Teenage Assassins in YA Lit

Bioengineering (Frankenstein 2012: YA lit with bioengineering)

Dragons (some fantasy, some science fiction)


Epidemics list 1 and list 2 

Environment: Earth Day Dystopias

Fairy Tales (twisted, of course) and Cinderella Retellings (some fantasy, some science fiction)

Politics: A look at the (abuse of) government in YA fiction

Science: STEM Girls, books with female main characters rocking science and math

Science Fiction (see also Weird Science below)

Space, the final frontier (Science fiction that actually takes place in space)

Spies Like Us

Tech:  Teen Tech Week: More than just a game and More Teen Tech Week

Time Travel 

Weird Science


If You Like . . . Try . . .

Buffy then try these  list 1 and list 2

Doctor Who then try these: Basically Read

Sherlock: It’s Elementary

The X-Men then try these: You Could Have Been an X-Men

Middle Grade Fiction

Great Reads for Middle Grade Readers

Creepy Reads for the MG Crowd