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Take 5: 5 TV Shows Teens are Talking About

Ah, September. Time for school, turning leaves, football, sweaters….

and new television episodes!!!  If your teens are anything like mine, they are almost as excited for some of the new things on TV as they are for Catching Fire and Thor: The Dark World to be released. Yet I know your schedule is as packed as mine, so I am here to share what my teens are talking about to keep you in the loop! READY?!??!!

The CW is to my teens what Fox is to “new adults” – edgy, on trend programming that captures the imagination. The teens I work with caught the last bit of Smallville, and are addicted to Arrowthe updated tale of the DC hero the Green Arrow starring Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen. The second season will premier on October 9, 2013.
It used to be just me who was geeking over Doctor Who I saw the series when I was younger, and when I caught the reboot with the 9th Doctor I got hooked. Slowly, though, my teens caught up (probably because PBS started airing it- my teens don’t have the upgraded cable to get BBC America) and now they are full-on hooked. It also doesn’t hurt that stores like Hot Topic and Barnes and Noble are selling Doctor Who swag. The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who airs November 23, 2013.  Check out our Doctor Who Central for read-alikes, programming ideas and more.

Sleepy Hollow premiered Monday, September 16, and my teens were blowing up my DM on Twitter and Facebook asking me if I had seen it- asking me questions about the storylines and actors since I know the original story. A ‘modern-day retelling’ of the Ichabod Crane story, I will have to catch it online or on-demand because I work nights. Ichabod comes back from being buried since 1781, and comes back to life in Sleepy Hollow 2013. So does the Headless Horseman.

My teens never really got into Once Upon a Time (and to be honest, neither did I), possibly because it skewed a bit older- it never really held their interest. However, my teen girls are extremely hyped about Once Upon a Time in Wonderland- in Victorian London, Alice is locked away in an insane asylum for talking about hooka loving caterpillars, talking playing cards, and disappearing cats. Yet the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit save her- or do they? Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premiers on October 10, 2013 on ABC.

And if there was any doubt, my teens are clamoring for taking over our game room and big screen TV on the rec side of the building on Tuesday nights and having group viewings of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Held in the Marvel Universe of of The Avengers, this series headed by Agent Coulson (back from the dead, BTW) tells stories about the agents on the ground: “Not all heroes are super”. With Joss Wheadon as executive producer, a lot of eyes are on this series. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. premiers on September 24, 2013.

What are you excited for? What are your teens talking about? Share in the comments!