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The Thankful List

Things for which I (Robin) am thankful, in no particular order of importance:

  1. Babies. Babies are the best. I have been supremely blessed by an abundance of babies in my social sphere this year, and for this I am truly thankful.
  2. Middle schoolers. I find them delightful. (Sometimes it surprises me, too.)
  3. Cats. My cats are particularly lovely, but I have to say I’m just thankful for their existence as a species.
  4. Educators. People who, like me, are willing to pour their lives and careers into the seeming abyss that is the current public education system.
  5. Social Media. I live in a region where my social and political views are neither popular nor, frankly, acceptable. It’s nice to not feel so alone.
  6. Books. Where would I be without books? I honestly have no idea.
  7. Authors. See #6.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

What I’m Thankful For by Christie G

Thanksgiving is a tricky time of year.  Most librarians will be off Thursday and Friday, yet your library will be open Wednesday and Saturday, so if your family is further away than a traditional Thanksgiving song there is no way you’re seeing family for the holiday unless they’re coming to you.  As a holiday, it means different things to different people and cultures, and traditions can run deep, as can feelings.  The basic premise, however, is to be thankful, and so I thought I’d share, in what has been a spectacularly manic year, what I’m thankful for from 2012.

That Guy.  That Guy is the guy that I fell for my freshman year in college, and we’ve been together ever since.  I lucked out in that he gets me, he gets my passion, he supports anything and everything that I want to do, and thinks that all my ideas, no matter how strange or weird they might seem to others are worth it.  He helps chaperone teen lock-ins and run library programs, he volunteers, he deals with my craziness and keeps me sane.  I don’t know where I would be with out him.

Family and Friends.  I am thankful for the family that supports me, including my parents and brother, parts of That Guy’s family, and the uncles that I have just gotten back in touch with after too long of an absence   I am thankful for my friend/family that is always around, no matter when I need them- they are never more than a text/phone call/tweet away when I need an encouraging word, whether they’re in Chicago, New York, Oregon, Washington, or nearby in Texas.

Books.  I am thankful for books and words and authors, and the many forms that books take, from MG to YA to adult, from mystery to sci fi to western to contemporary fiction.  I am thankful that I adore books and that my house is full of them, and that I’ve found like-minded people who love them as much as I do.

Chocolate.  I am thankful that I live in a world where chocolate exists, and that I have the means to procure it when I need it.

My Job.   I am thankful for my job.  I love what I do, and the position that I hold, and I know that it is extremely unique in the library world in that I get to hold a manager hat while also holding a teen and youth services hat, so while at times it can be a lot, I have the best of both worlds.  I am thankful that my place of employment is supportive of my desire to be an advocate for teens, and as such I can attend ALA Midwinter and ALA Annual without taking vacation time, and be on committees and do awesome things that I hope are making a difference somehow.  

And if I didn’t have this job, then I don’t think I would have this last thing to be thankful for…

This blog.  I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that I have been given to sound out and sound off through TLT, and that I’ve found a heart-sister in the other bloggers here, as well as like-minded advocates who have a passion and drive for teen services like I do.  I was looking for a way to express thoughts and feelings, and was given a chance to use this as a sounding board, and I think we’re doing good things.

And that’s a lot to be thankful for.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, and share what you’re thankful for in the comments below.

10 Things I am thankful for . . .

Today is a day of thanks, and I have plenty to give.

I am thankful for . . .

1) The opportunity to get up every day and do what I love both as a teen services librarian and as a blogger. I know that I am inordinately blessed to have found myself doing exactly the things I am supposed to be doing in life.

2) Stephanie, Christie, Heather – fantastic partners in crime and working hard to make a difference in the lives of teens. Plus, they are totally cool.

3) The sometimes TLTers who share booklists, book recs, book reviews, program ideas and more.  Kearsten, Maria, Karen D and Eric Devine are all honorary TLTers – to name just a few – who help cover topics that us regular TLTers don’t consider our best topics.

4) The authors who write fantastic books and make our jobs so much easier.  I love nothing more than hearing a teen come back and say, “I loved that book you told me to read.”  With your words, you make a difference.

5) The publishers who help make this blog possible by sending ARCs and making sure we know about upcoming titles.  The truth is, blogging has made me a much better teen services librarian because I have grown so much in my knowledge of collection development tools and resources like Edelweiss and Netgalley.  And I have found that ARCs make it so much easier for me to decide whether or not a book title will work in my community.  The publishers I have met are just as passionate about books and stories and the power behind the words as most librarians are.

6) Everyone who does guest blog posts.  It’s nice to get different points of views, hear different stories, and hear about new books.  Also, sometimes it is nice to take a day off of blogging (I never knew how much “work” this would be) and spend time with my kids.  A special thanks to the authors who take time out of very busy promotional schedules to write a guest blog post.  You make me feel like a rock star for a day.

7) Blog readers! You give me a forum to share my passion, get different points of view, and, let’s face it, it’s so much more fun and fulfilling when you are talking with someone.  I talk to myself sometimes, it’s much less fun than talking to you.

8) My teens, of course.  I love getting to be a part of their lives and being invited in. They are smart and witty and they our not only our future, but our here and now.  Library services to teens matter because teens themselves matter.

9) The Mr., who is incredibly supportive and sometimes a participate in all things TLT.  When he picks up a book and reads it, I get his two cents.  And he gives up a lot of time and energy to support me and my passion for TLT.  He has also opened his wallet on occasion to pay for prizes, shipping prizes, and sending me to conferences.  All in all, he is a good egg indeed.

10) My kids.  Man I love them.  And to be honest, they are incredibly patient when they wake up in the morning and come out to the kitchen and see me typing.  They know that when I say give me 5 more minutes I mean 10.  They ask me about the books I read, and sometimes they read them with me.  A special shout out to the Tween who has appeared in a lot of posts around here, giving her opinion, sharing her art work, and just generally being her awesome self.  And oh yeah – they get dragged to a lot of meet the author events.  They have met Lauren Oliver, Michael Scott and Claire Legrand to name just a few.