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Reel Thoughts: The Mortal Instruments- City of Bones

I was completely excited for this movie- I really like the books (I am in love with Magnus and Alec, and Simon and Isabella). I admit, I went to opening night. Wednesday night after work, IMAX. And the theater was DEAD. According to the ticket taker it was 8% full. That Guy was with me, and had him repeat it because we weren’t sure we heard right- surely he meant 80% from all the buzz (spots on MTV, hype everywhere, clothing lines through Hot Topic, music videos) but no, it was 8%. We scored seats in the middle of the row in the middle of the theater, got our movie theater dinner, and settled in to watch. And I picked up some interesting differences between the movie and the book, things which threw me for a loop and out of the fantasy. Did you catch them? Follow the break below, but if you haven’t seen the movie, or haven’t read The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, be warned, there are spoilers….

Movie: Jace, Alex, and Isabella live in the Institute with Hodge.
Book: Jace, Alex, and Isabella live in the Institute with Hodge, their parents Maryse Lightwood and Robert Lightwood and their other son Max.
Commentary: It’s a huge thing that Maryse and Robert are in charge of the New York Institute while Hodge is cursed to the inside- they were also in league with Valentine, yet their punishment was not nearly as severe. It also sets up a huge family that was caring for Jace and it’s much more crushing in the late books. Max bonds with Clary in the first book, and his destiny is heartbreaking.

Movie: no cat
Book: Church the cat is ever present in the Institute, and seems to be able to understand the Shadowhunters.
Commentary: I was looking forward to Church, and disappointed that he didn’t make the theatrical cut. If you read both series (The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices) he’s even more important.


Movie: There’s “The Vampire Leader” but not named
Book: Raphael Santiago, de facto head of the vampires in New York in the absence of the true leader
Commentary: Raphael plays a huge part in the sequels, especially City of Ashes. Why is he just “The Vampire Leader”?

Movie: Simon gains perfect eyesight and starts showing symptoms of being turned into a vampire (including bites), yet nothing is ever mentioned or talked about it in the rest of the movie
Book: Simon was turned into a *rat* at the party, then bitten, but wasn’t showing symptoms or turning until City of Ashes
Commentary: Why show things and then drop them? And why add them in this movie when it’s not going to be followed through?

Movie: Jace kills the dog demon after Clary in her apartment, and the demon that takes the place of Dorthea after they first find the Mortal Cup
Book: CLARY kills the demon in her apartment, and SIMON kills the Dorthea demon
Commentary: WHY does Jace need to do all the killing? I mean, seriously? Clary killing the demon showed that she did have Shadowhunter blood, and Simon killing Dorthea got him on Isabella’s radar and made him more believable about staying in this world. It wouldn’t have hurt to have them stay true to the book.

What did you see that was different/changed from the book/movie? Or what did you think of the movie? Share in the comments!

TPiB: The Mortal Instruments City of Bones (Magic in Books and Movies past, present and future, part 2)

Earlier, we shared some movie inspired programming ideas for some of our favorite movies past and present.  But 1 movie we can’t wait to see is

Several of my teens swear that this is THE BEST SERIES EVER!  And Christie has already made me promise to take her to see the movie.  So if you are looking for some movie release programming ideas, she has some for you today!  

Shadowhunter Training

Have your mortals prove that they are Shadowhunter material by creating an indoor obstacle course to prove their skills. Tie chars together and have them crawl under (or over) to sneak up on vampires and demons. Jump in and out of activity rings 5 times to improve their agility. Practice their aim with beanbag tosses. Or create a challenging maze using crepe paper streamers or string for them to navigate. Break your youth into parabati pairs, and see which team can finish with the smallest time.
Costume Contest
Have a cosplay portion of the night. Have the best Clary, the best Simon, the best Jace, etc. For inspiration take a look at stills from the movie, or take inspiration from the books and fan art online. However, let them know that only FAKE weapons will be allowed.  What is Cosplay? Cosplay is a type of fan or performance art where participants dress up as their favorite characters from a work of fiction.

Rune Practice
Shadowhunters need to be able to draw runes for everything: healing, protection, night vision. Print out pictures of the runes used in the Mortal instruments series (some can be found here ) and have teens practice their drawing skills.

Temporary Tattoos

Once they’ve mastered their runes have them pick their favorite for a temporary tattoo.  Instructions are here: http://charlotteisnotmyname.tumblr.com/post/11523186764/temporary-tattoos-tutorial
If you don’t want to go that route (or with henna- although I recommend getting someone experienced with henna and permission slips with that one), think about watercolor crayons or Disguise Stix Makeup.  You could even use Window Markers and have the teens decorate your windows in runes (or sidewalks using sidewalk chalk).  Or LOOK HERE and you can make your own rune window clings.

OR, if you want to go really hardcore, create your own Steles. Here is the create and bake method (good for ovens or possibly toaster ovens): http://www.themortalinstrumentsinmovies.com/2012/10/mortal-instruments-stele-learn-steps-on.html but you could definitely make them with something similar to Crayola Model Magic and let them air dry. Or you can put clay on pens or pencils and then paint to suit.

Book Quote Art

Do check out this awesome book quote art project over at The Library as Incubator Project.  Getting teens involved in created book inspired art is a great way to combine fandom with creative expression.

Novel Novice also has some discussion questions and program ideas up on their website.  4YA has some great ideas up as well.

Don’t forget you can do things like fan art, make your own graphic novel pages and more.

Have some TMI movie programming ideas to share with us? Please share them in the comments.  This should be a huge movie this summer for YA fans.