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Tween Review: The Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell (reviewed by tween reviewer Ceci)

The Dork Diaries Series is out of this world! If there is a movie, I NEED to get it! Nikki a 13 going on 14 year old girl, transfers to a new school. There is going to be trouble for Nikki Maxwell. There’s a new mean girl Mackenzie Hollister and Jessica Adams and they are cruel. If you call Mackenzie mean, well then you’re bonkers crazy. She is a devil, the wicked witch of the west! Nikki also has a new crush … BRANDON!

The worst part is that Brandon doesn’t know and Mackenzie pretends to like him just to drive Nikki nuts.

Whenever Brandon sits next to Nikki in bio, she gets all blushy because he always brushing his bangs out of his eyes.

Nikki has 2 bffs awesome Chloe and fantastic Zoey and get this sometimes she thinks she doesn’t deserve them. Isn’t that crazy.

There you go hope you like reading DORK DIARIES as much as I did. Peace.