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Cindy Crushes Programming: Cindy’s Favorite Tabletop Games

I love tabletop gaming with the teens at my library. Tabletop games offer the social interaction that a lot of teens are craving and there are a lot of great games out there. Of course, we play the classic games such as Uno, Life, and Clue, but I love teaching them new games. Here are a few of my favorite games that my teens also enjoy.


Gloom is a classic storytelling game. Each player gets a family and they are supposed to make them as sad as they possibly can be before they die. The opponent is trying to make your family as happy as possible. Once a family member dies their point total is final. Whoever has the saddest family by the end of the game wins. This game works because it appeals to the teens’ morbid side and also helps them become creative. As a bonus, this game asks teens to use their verbal storytelling skills.

Here is a video of the game being played on Will Wheaton’s YouTube tabletop channel. I watched this and it helped me prepare to play with the teens.  


Tsuro is a game where you become a flying dragon and your mission is to avoid falling off the edge of the world or flying into another dragon. You have a game token and you must follow the path on the cards. Each player gets three cards at a time until the cards run out. The winner is the surviving dragon.

Here is a video of the game being played on Will Wheaton’s YouTube tabletop channel. I watched this and it helped my preparation to play with the teens. The video also includes Zombie dice, which is a popular game with my teens.


My last game is Meow. This is such a simple game, but it is very popular. Meow is a bluffing game. Each player draws a card and the card can say meow or not meow. The point is to find out who is bluffing. If you successfully call not meow you win but if you make a mistake and call not meow and they player had a meow card you are eliminated.

These are just a few of the games that my teens are playing and loving. What’s popular with your teens when it comes to tabletop games? Let us know in the comments.

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