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Have Some Teen Slang, By Teen Contributor Riley Jensen

As the years pass, language develops and changes a lot. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with some of the things that are said, but I hope this can help make current teen lingo a little easier to understand. I’ve made a list of a few terms that teens use often.

  1. Sus- shortened version of suspicious (eg. He’s pretty sus)
  2. Fit- shorten version of outfit (eg. Check the fit)
  3. Throw hands- fight (eg. I’m gonna throw hands)
  4. Gang gang- a term of agreement
  5. Bet- another term of agreement or a way to say “watch me” (eg. “You can’t do that” “Bet”)
  6. Cap- a lie (eg. That’s cap)
  7. Flex- to show off or something that’s being shown off (eg. Weird flex, but ok)
  8. Lowkey- slightly (eg. I lowkey hate it here)
  9. Vibes- can be used to say “cool”, the energy a person gives off ,or hang out (eg. They have bad vibes or We’re gonna go vibe at the park)
  10. Tea- gossip (eg. Spill the tea)
  11. Salty- bitter (eg. I’m lowkey salty that they said that)
  12. Simp- someone who’s willing to do anything for someone because they like them (eg. I’d simp for him)
  13. Cancel- to stop supporting someone, usually famous, for doing something problematic (eg. He’s cancelled)
  14. Stan- to support someone or something (eg. We stan them)
  15. Shade- subtle insult (eg. He’s throwing shade)
  16. Go off- way to encourage someone to keep talking. it can also be used sarcastically (eg. I don’t really care but go off I guess)
  17. Aight- shortened version of alright (eg. Aight bet let’s do it)
  18. Drop- to stop talking to someone, stop talking about something, or give something out (eg. Drop the skincare routine)
  19. As you should- another term of agreement, usually said when someone says something about themselves (eg. “I dropped them because they were toxic ” “As you should”)
  20. Period- term of agreement used when it’s a finalization of something (eg. “They had such good vibes” “Period”)

This obviously isn’t all of them, but these are the ones that are probably heard most often. A lot of these are very similar, but when they’re used is up to the situation. Hopefully this makes understanding slang a little bit easier.

Riley, Teen Reviewer

I am a senior in high school and an avid reader. I have been reviewing books on this blog since 2012. I love musical theatre and listen to show tunes a lot. I also love murder books (both fiction and nonfiction), and want to go to college to be a forensic scientist after high school. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, so I just put that hobby to good use for my mom.