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Cindy Crushes Programming: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Escape Room

Today YA Librarian Cindy Shutts is walking us through her Star Wars themed Escape Room.

To learn more about the basics of hosting an Escape Room, please check out Breakout Edu as they have basic kits that you can use as a foundation. You can also read a couple of previous posts on Escape Rooms here at TLT:

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Basic program premise . . .

Your teens will be “locked” in the library and in order to escape, they must unravel a mystery, find the secret codes, and “unlock” the boxes to survive or meet your end goal. Most escape rooms give participants an hour to escape.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Escape Room

Plot: An evil warlock has cursed the town of Greendale with zombiism. You have 45 minutes to find the cure.


  • You could use the Breakout Edu Kit
  • 4 digit lock
  • 3 digit lock
  • Word lock
  • Key lock and key
  • Two lock boxes
  • Directional Lock
  • Fake Spell container with the cure. I used an old perfume bottle I got that was labeled spell.
  • Spellbook
  • Black Cat (fake)
  • Random decorations: I used all the items I have in my office and around my house and the items that I use to make displays.
  • Letter from Sabrina to Harvey

Instructions: I read the prompt, so everyone knew what was going on. I also let them know they had two hints. I am always prepared to add one more hint later on if they need it.

Directional Lock: The directional lock code will be hidden in the letter from Sabrina to Harvey. The code is Up Down Right Left. I hid the letter in the large lockbox. The directional lock was on the small lockbox.

Wordlock: This is very simple the code is spell. I will have the spellbook and also Sabrina’s last name is Spellman so many things will be labeled Spellman.

4 Digit Lock: In the spellbook, I placed a spell recipe for the cure. This spell gives the code for the 4 digit lock. This lock was on the large lockbox.

Spell for Anti-Zombie

three frogs’ eyes = 6

one buck’s antlers = 2

all the legs of a spider = 8

scorpion’s pincers = 2

3 Digit Lock: I am making a fake urn box. The code will be on the urn. I added a fake label to look like the urn came from Sabrina’s family business, The Spellman Funeral Home and Crematorium. The code is 666. I used that as the date they started the business 6/66. This lock was on the large lockbox.

Red Herring: I pulled all my old documents for my Riverdale Escape Room. This was super confusing to the teens who kept looking at the old documents. This lock was on the large lockbox.

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Final Thoughts: This was a challenging escape room. I made a mistake and scheduled it on a day without school. Therefore, I did not have many teens attend. The teens who attended loved it, but next time I need to make sure I schedule it for a school day.  I am trying to increase circulation. Every time I do in an Escape Room activity I use library books as decorations that are related to the topic. Teens can check them out after the Escape Room activity.

Additional Materials:

Letter to Harvey

Dear Harvey,

 I am hoping this letter finds you well. I have to meet with you in the woods. I fear there is danger coming to our town of Greendale. Plus bring the rest of the Gang with you so we can stop this evil before it begins. I will be up the road, but turn downward when you get to the cave. You must go right when you see the bear painting, but left when you pass the Greendale Forest ranger station. I will meet you all at midnight.

Be Safe, Sabrina

Spell For Anti-Zombie

three frogs’ eyes =

one buck’s antlers =

all legs of a spider =

scorpion’s pincers =