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Inside Teen Librarian Toolbox

Teen Services 101

Basic Elements of a Teen Services Plan

A Teen Services Plan Example

A Teen Programming Primer

What does customer service to teens look like?

Networking part 1, part 2

Booktalk It! Creating a booktalk program to network with schools

Contests, everyone’s a winner

Using Social Media to engage teens, including contests

Gaming @ the Library

Teen Tech 12

Empowering teens and creating buy-in

Putting the “Teen” in your Teen Space

The Unconventional Summer Reading Club

Relational Reading Revolution

Cut through the static, get feedback

I’m Nobody, Who Are You? (Why we teen librarians should talk to each other)

Are You Nobody Too? There’s a pair of us. (How to get started with your own librarian network)

Advocacy & Marketing

Libraries are the Beating Heart (of our communities) An advocacy piece with great infographics to use in promoting libraries.

Why Turning Our Libraries into Wal Mart is a Bad Idea

Advocacy 101: Be seen, Be felt, Be heard

Marketing Teen Services to Non Teen Services Staff, part 1

Marketing Teen Services to Non Teen Services Staff, a teen services plan example

A Teen Programming Primer

Don’t Underestimate the Value of “Hanging Out” (more about programming)

The “Be”-Attitudes of Communicating with Staff

Verb Up Your Image

Generating Marketing Creativity with iPhone Apps

Graphic Design for Teen Librarians

Making the Most of Your Teen Services FB Page

Saving Big with Your Library: marketing the value of your library to current culture


Creating a great teen services website, an example and some tips

Thinking Out Loud: Marketing and the library lock-in

Thinking Out Loud: More marketing and the library lock-in

Rebuttal: Marketing and the library lock-in

RA Posters, end cap signs, bookmarks and more

Don’t Underestimate the Value of Twitter


The Measure of Program Success?

Part 1: The Measure of Program Success? Probably not book circulation

Part 2: The Measure of Program Success? Probably not attendance either

Part 3: The Measure of Program Success? It’s complicated, kind of (a formula and discussion)

Serving Full T.I.L.T. series:

By the Numbers, making the case for teen services using basic demographic information (Karen Jensen)

Sarcasm, Spice and Everything Awesome: The Developing Teen (Rebecca Denham)

Teen Brain Science 101 (Heather Booth)

Asset Building 101, How using the 40 Developmental Assets can help us plan and evaluate teen programming (Karen Jensen)

Diverse teens, diverse needs (Eden Grey)

Sharing stories, how knowing and sharing the stories of our teens can help make the case (Heather Booth)

Empathy, remembering what it means to be a teen and how it makes us better teen services librarians (Karen Jensen)

A Teen Services 101 Infographic (Karen Jensen)

Talking Up Teens (Eden Grey)

What I Wish You Knew About Teens