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I GalleyChat, Do You?

You don’t?  SHAME!  Several months ago, I heard about something called GalleyChat that a website called EarlyWord ran which played out over Twitter.  I sat in, learned a ton about all the new adult galleys and what is hot and what was not.  Which is great.  Except I don’t work in adult services and my one 3 hour shift at the reference desk once every three months doesn’t really lend itself to a ton of adult readers’ advisory.  But after one meeting, I was hooked and so I posed the question to Nora Rawlinson (co-founder of EarlyWord and former editor of Library Journal and Publishers Weekly), “Why can’t we have a YA GalleyChat?”.  And so, the EarlyWord YA GalleyChat was born.

So, let’s get down to the basics.  On the 3rd Tuesday of each month (tomorrow!) at 4:00 ET, we gather on Twitter following the hashtag #ewyagc and we basically talk about all the new books coming out and any other book/collection development related topics.  We discuss the high holds at our libraries on certain titles and how the eBook collections are faring with YA titles in the mix and plenty of other collection development topics.  There are always different editors and marketing peeps from publishing houses listening in (and sometimes offering free stuff) and it’s a great way to connect with your fellow YA librarians and book lovers!

So, please join us on Tuesday, May 15 — tomorrow!!!  We always pop in early for a ‘virtual cocktail’ and we’d love to hear about what you’ve been reading!  For more information and tips about how to get connected, click here!

Until tomorrow,

EarlyWord is one of the best places to go on the web for information about new books, trends in publshing, book-to-movie news, and tons of other information.  Check it out!


  1. I love GalleyChat! Thanks for this post. I hope more people will join us and learn about upcoming titles.

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