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TPiB: Humans vs Zombies (Lock-In Version with Doctor Who twist)

v:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} o:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} w:* {behavior:url(#default#VML);} .shape {behavior:url(#default#VML);} Twice every year, right around Martin Luther King Jr. weekend and the beginning of school, I hold a lock-in for teens who have reached a particular reading goal. For the Summer Reading Lock-In, they must read 65 hours or more in order to stay 13 hours in our community building. I have the schedule down pretty tight- anything that is a group activity is required, and we always start off the night with a massive game with everyone. This time around, I took inspiration from the guys over at humansvszombies.org and modified what they call a survival or short game to fit what we needed.

And OH, what fun it was. 
Pause between rounds and reconfiguring bandanas

Game in progress

Discussing strategy
The nice thing is that it can definitely be adjusted for a library game for an after hours event, or a large party with minimal effort. 
Really, all you need is bandanas- I added the extras to make it more interesting…

Background Scenario 

Your library is ground zero of a horrific plague. Food from the local gas station was contaminated with a genetic mutation and turn anyone who eats them into a flesh-eating zombie.

No one knew.

It took hours for the mutation to take place after eating them, and no one knew until after the library doors were closed for the library’s lock-in/program.  

The zombies currently look like anyone else, but after a while . . .

not all Non-combatants may be used in the game

Humans: those who did not eat takis and now must fight the zombie invasion (active participant) 

Zombies: those who did eat the takis and now must try and turn the humans into zombies (active participant) 

Quartermaster(S): person or persons in charge of distributing supplies to the humans. Not zombie food. Marked with a whistle. ( 1-4 players, non-combatant) 

W.h.o. doctor(s): those who will call whether a zombie has infected a human if there is cause for discussion. Marked with a bowtie. (1-4 players, non-combatant) 

U.N. Investigator(s): those who are in charge of making sure game play is fair and safe for all. Marked with a badge. (1-6 players, non-combatant) 

Game Master: person overseeing all game play, punishment, and side quests

For humans 

Goal of the game: survive. The one who is the last to be turned into a zombie is the winner. You wear your bandana on your arms or wrist.

Sock stuns must hit the torso. Zombies are stunned for a count of 10 as demonstrated by the game master.
Humans can form teams of three for survival.
You turn into a zombie if a zombie tags you on the arms, back or legs. You then move your bandana to your head. 

For Zombies

The goal of the game is to turn all of the humans. The game is over when all the humans are dead. You wear your bandana on your head. 

You turn humans by tagging them on the arms, back or legs. No tags on the head, torso, or feet. No flying tags or any other type of tag that will cause injury. 
You can be stunned by the throwing of socks to the torso. You must count to 10 in the manner demonstrated by the game master. Any faster and you will have to start again. 
Zombies can hunt in packs of six. Any more than that and you get confused and wander off by yourselves.

    For the quartermaster
    1-4 players depending

    Your mission is to supply the humans with their only weapon against the zombies, smelly socks left in the lost and found. These weapons stun zombies.
    You must recharge used socks by collecting them from the combat area and taking them to the weapon depot or way station to regain their stun abilities.
    You have immunity from the zombie infection due to your continuous contact with laundry soap.
    You must wear your assigned whistle at all times.
    Humans can carry up to 5 separate socks at a time- you are not allowed to give them more than that.
    Zombies can track your location for a 15 count, so be careful how you get your supplies to humans. You do not want to lead zombies to humans.
    The main weapon depot will be at (designate an area), but you may create up to two more way stations of ammunition at the beginning of the game. You must let the U.N. Investigators know the locations of the way stations.

    For W.H.O. Doctor(S)

    1-4 players Depending

    You are called in to investigate whether or not a human has been turned into a zombie if there is a dispute.
    Humans are turned into a zombie if they are tagged on the arm, leg or back *only*. No other tag is allowed.
    You must wear your assigned bowtie during the entire game play.
    You wander around the entire gameplay area unless otherwise called to a specific area.
    You may give infected humans a chance to earn their life back through the ‘Weeping Angel Challenge’ (see below) 

    The Weeping Angel Challenge:

    Tell the infected human this: You have one chance to gain back your humanity- If you decline, you will become a zombie and must join the ranks of the undead. If you accept the challenge and win, you will become human again. If you accept the challenge and fail, you will die and sit out the rest of the game. What is your answer?

    If they accept the challenge, give them a weeping angel card and tell them to report to the game master. If they decline the challenge, they become a zombie immediately.

    For U.N. Investigator(S)
    1-4 players depending

    You Must wear your assigned badge at all times during gameplay. 
    You wander the site making sure that zombies, humans, W.H.O. doctors, and quartermasters are following the rules. If they are found to not be playing fair, the following penalties will apply:

    Flying tags or other unsafe tags by zombies: immediate death and sent to the game master
    Stunning to the head or other places to cause pain on purpose: send immediately to the game master
    Humans found to be carrying more than 5 socks: immediate turning to zombie.
    Humans in more than squads of 3: immediate disbandment.
    Zombies in more than packs of 6: immediate confusion and wandering alone.
    Zombies counting too fast during stunning: counting to 100.
    Quartermaster supplying too much ammunition: downgrade to human.
    W.H.O. doctor not performing duties: report immediately to game master for punishment

    For the Game Master 

    You are in charge of the ‘weeping angel’ challenge. You will need to have the following equipment in order to discharge your duties: a stopwatch, weeping angel masks, random quests (if desired), a watch/timer (for timed games), an announcement system, infection result cards, bandanas, socks, copies of these instructions for all participants, weeping angels, and other things as devised. 

    Rules of the Games

      • Those who want to be active participants (humans or zombies) need to let the game master know before start of game
      • Game master assigns Bowties to W.H.O. doctors, Whistles to Quartermaster(S), and Badges to U.N. Investigators so all players know who they are. They are then released into the game arena.
      • Active Participants are given their infection status. Humans are immediately sent from the room to meet with the Quartermaster to gain ammunition and form a plan. Zombies meet with each other before brain functions complete disintegrate.
    Weeping Angel Challenge
    Scattered around the game play area are weeping angels. You have a certain time limit to bring back ONE (1) angel. Fail and you are dead and must sit out the rest of the game as the angels have gotten you. Succeed and you return to the human race to battle the zombies. You Must wear a weeping angel mask on your head (not necessarily on your face) so that other participants know that you are on a challenge. The first challenge will be set at a particular time. After the first successful challenge is completed, the next person will have to meet or beat that time. The time will keep getting shorter and shorter as the game goes on.
     This game is an adaptation of the original Human vs. Zombies game found here.  Christie adapted the rules to fit her library programming and add her own unique Doctor Who twist with the Weeping Angel challenge. 


    1. We did this for SRP, but instead of bandanas, I got flag football belts from the parks and rec center. It's so great your kids had fun with it! Mine acted like it was lame at first, but in the end, they were all about it. =)

    2. Mine are crazy, maybe that helps LOL Mine always want something active to do right afterwards, it just seems to be that type of group. It helps, I think, that we're in a community building- being part of a rec center, they're expecting movement and something out-of-the-box. I keep telling them things aren't the same in other libraries and they think I'm nuts- until they go to another one and are completely surprised that what they consider normal isn't there… 8D


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