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Middle Grade Monday – Read Across America

Each year, my trusty library club participants and I travel to one of our district’s elementary schools to participate in Read Across America by reading Dr. Seuss books in classrooms. This year’s trip had to be rescheduled due to an early closing for snow, but we finally went last Thursday. It’s a fun but exhausting trip. The students are grouped in twos and threes and have a schedule of classrooms to visit. To prepare, we spend about 15 minutes of each library club meeting reading Dr. Seuss books with partners to get used to the language and cadence of the words.

The students get their marching orders from Mrs. Shore – AKA The Cat in the Hat.

Lunch is served! I wish I could show you pictures from the classrooms – the little kids are so cute. I don’t have the correct permissions for that, though.

Next up for our Library Club is our end of year celebration for this year’s Book for All ReadersLegend by Marie Lu. Have any of you read it?


  1. I have read Legend – however, it was quite a while ago, when it was first released. I need to go back and reread and finish the series as well. I remember liking it though.

  2. The students really love it!

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