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The Post in Which Operation BB Says Thank You!


She did it! Operation BB began in late September/early October and at that time, Scout didn’t necessarily know what her vision for this “mission” was. Over time it has evolved and she set a goal of donating 100 backpacks before the end of the year – and with your help, she has done it!


Today our last load of backpacks – 24 backpacks just for teens filled with 2 YA fiction titles each – is being delivered to a local youth advocacy group. That’s 24 teens who will have 2 books to call their own.

This means that in the last 3 months, this then 9 and now 10-year-old girl has donated 100 backpacks to tweens and teens in need. That’s 100 backpacks, 200 books, 100 coloring books, and 100 packages of colored pencils.

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While doing this she’s learned a bit about organization, goal setting, problem solving, marketing, and more. As her mom, I say thank you! As a librarian who cares about kids, I also say thank you! Each and every book was donated by generous donators like you and that is awesome. Sincerely, we thank you.


We’re going to take a brief pause as we celebrate the holidays, and then we are going to set new goals and continue in 2019. She has found incredible joy in this project and I can assure you as her mom that she has learned and grown and it’s nice to see your kid thinking about ways that they can help make the world a better place. So please keep watching this space for new and exciting ways that you can help Scout get books into the hands of tweens and teens in 2019.


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