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Christie’s Top 10 YA Reads of 2013

When we talk about our top ten YA book picks of the year, it’s always hard to just pick top ten….  Everything is influenced in some way. I am chair of the Rainbow Project, which looks at books birth through 18 with GLBTQ content, and so I read (and have access to more) GLBTQ materials than others (Winger, Coda, Patomime). Because of factors in my life, I’m more aware of those titles. 
I’ve dealt with a lot of hardship and death in the past year, and I’ve tended to gravitate more towards the dystopias and gritty fantasies this year, instead of the more realistic fiction (Prophecy, Scarlet, The Madness Underneath).
I also am a compulsive series finisher, and was not disappointed
(The Clockwork Princess, Champion).
 And even though it wasn’t published in 2013,
I read The Perks of Being a Wallflower for the first time this year and it definitely makes my top ten this year.

What would be your top ten YA for 2013?

Christie says Goodbye 2013….

Everyone makes resolutions for the New Year…  Mine for 2013 were:

How did I do?

  1. Straighten Desk:  I get it somewhat straight- at least a little. It may be that I leave 15-20 minutes later than my schedule, but at least I have a clear place to work the next day. And, it’s always clear before I leave for an extended period of time…..
  2. Hug More: We definitely got more hugs this year…
  3. Breathe Deeper: Still working on the breathing. I haven’t really figured out how to deep breathe and release the stress like you are supposed to, but I’m trying to learn.
  4. Keep Schedule: I am working on calendars and schedules. Some days I make it, some days I don’t. I get laughed at about things, but it helps
  5. Love More: Definitely gave out more love, and while my heart might have gotten smushed in the process, I’m working on it.
  6. Star Reviews: I tried to star/rate reviews. I really did. My problem is that I don’t think of books that way, and what makes it an 5 star book for me could make it a 3 star book for others, or a 2 star for me could be a 5 star for someone else. That’s really a lot of stress.
  7. Declutter House: So did not happen.
  8. Eat Better & Exercise More: Always ongoing, right? Sure, probably didn’t do as well as I needed or wanted to…
  9. Read More: Always and always…..