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Sunday Reflections: True confessions of a #seriesslacker

Have you ever started a series and just never finished it?  If you answered yes, then you are a series slacker. 

This recently came up on Twitter.  Christie called me out because I have started reading several series and just never finished them.  And it turns out, there are a lot.

Beautiful Creatures
The Mortal Instruments

The list goes on.
It is possible that the only series I have finished are Harry Potter and Twilight.

It’s not that I didn’t even like the series, it’s just that a bunch of other books came out in between and I fell behind.  I don’t know about you, but my TBR (to be read list) is always longer than the actual amount of time that I have in my life.

Sometimes, of course, I don’t finish because I simply decide I don’t like the series.  To be honest, I never even finished book 1 of Beautiful Creatures.  But I really liked the movie and might try it again.

I have heard some people talk about waiting until a complete series is written before even reading book 1.  They do this because they don’t want to wait in between titles, which makes complete sense when you have just picked up book 2 which has come out a year later and you can’t remember the details of book 1.  I wonder how many people actually do this?

Christie, however, apparently believes very strongly in finishing a series.

So for fun today, share with us either in the comments or on Twitter (#seriesslacker) if you are a series slacker and what series you haven’t finished reading (yet).