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The Spark Award

Some times we are fly by the seat of our pants here at TLT.  Today I decided that we should have an award for teen fiction that inspires social change and challenges the status quo.  We want to reward well written teen fiction that showcases teen characters rising up to the challenges of life and deciding to be a force for good in their world. We want to reward teen literature that leads teens to question what they have always believed and inspires them to live their lives differently.

Here is what I am currently thinking, may be refined throughout the course of the year:

1.) We’ll nominate titles that have a 2012 publication date and go through the end of December.
2.) We’ll vote – open to teen readers and their favorite librarians – in the beginning of January 2013.
3). We’ll announce our first Spark Award winners around the same time that YALSA announces their yearly awards.

So, leave a comment and let me know what titles you want to nominate for 2012.